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  1. 11 Reasons To Opt For Relational Database Service (RDS)

    When it comes to the field of Information Technology and specifically in relation with Databases, RDS means “Relational Database Service”. In other words, we can say that RDS is an abbreviation of Relational Database Service. Of the recent times, it is all the new rage. Yet, only few can wrap… Read More »
  2. What Is A Relational Database

    At its core Relational Database, is just a database. It is used to organize data in different ways. It is based on the relational model of data. This means that data is split across multiple content holders called “tables” and this data is interlinked with each other in a meaningful… Read More »
  3. Relational Database Management System: An Introduction

    A database is an integrated system of collected and organized data, making easy accessibility and manipulation of data possible. This can be carried out effectively by the use of a database management system. DBMS is a type of software application that helps you collect, recall and manage all the complex… Read More »