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If you are looking for a Free, online Form Generator, PHP Generator or MySQL Generator, then you have come to the right place!

FPMG is a Free, web based, powerful tool to increase web development productivity and to cut down time that you spend on doing what you usually do, designing forms and processing the relevant PHP/MySQL code, thereby saving you time and money in the run. It is the best online free Form Generator, PHP Generator, MySQL Generator ever built. It takes just few seconds to generate your form and codes. Added to that, FPMG is fully "Responsive". This means that you can generate HTML, PHP & MySQL codes quickly on all devices.

Why is a Form Generator, PHP Generator and MySQL Generator required?

It so happens that in almost every PHP/MySQL based websites, there could be use for a number of forms, ranging from simple to complex. Designing all of these forms from scratch, implementing them, collecting the submitted info & then processing this info using PHP & MySQL, for different statements can consume immense amount of time and could get repetitive and boring.

Not only that, these activities are error prone, be it simple typos or a major bug. All of this could add up thus resulting to be time consuming and expensive.

FPMG instantly generates the following:

  • HTML form
  • Sample CSS
  • PHP Variables
  • MySQL code
  • Files Download option

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Who Can Use FPMG?

Intended Audience: Web Developers & Website Designers
Level of understanding: Basic, Intermediate
Requirements: PHP4+, MySQL database
Pricing: Free for both commercial & non-commercial use
Other information: Security features (such as escaping input, validation) are not included - You will need to add these yourself.

Get Started Here: See an easy example with screenshots | Watch Videos

create Generate Form from scratch
visibility visibility_off Generate Form from Table Structure

Enter Table Structure to Auto-Fill Form

  • Reduce your efforts to manually enter all field names and labels
  • Automate the process by importing/pasting Table Structure.
  • Use this once per table structure.
  • Watch the 3-minute video to see how Entering Table Structure works (NEW)
  • NOTE: Currently only MySQL RDBMS is supported. If you need support for others, send us your request with sample of the DDL statement that you want to run.
  • You may enter only a valid Table Structure. An example would be the following:
    CREATE TABLE `products` (
      `productId` int(11) UNSIGNED NOT NULL,
      `productName` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
      `price` decimal(8,2) NOT NULL
  • Try copying the above Table Structure in the corresponding textarea for Paste Table Structure and hit the "Process It!" button and scroll down. You will notice that it will pre-fill the form for you.

Paste Table Structure

check Process It!

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Generated Code

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